Convert Reel-to-Reel to Digital and CD

different sizes of reel-to-reel

EachMoment will rescue the memories from fading old reel-to-reel and preserve them forever on your choice of CD, USB memory stick, or online album.

Our Memory Box system is the safest way to digitise reel-to-reel in the UK.

  • Free collection and re-delivery by the UK’s most secure courier.
  • Free cleaning and restoration by our team of specialists.
  • Free crush-proof Memory Box.

1. Fill up a Memory Box

Memory Box handed to secure courier
• The crush-proof Memory Box arrives on your doorstep the day after you make an order.
• You fill it with your old reel to reel tapes and much more. If you’re curious, you can check out everything else that we digitise.
• When you feel ready, we collect it via the UK’s safest courier for free.

2. We digitise

Technician inspects audio reel before digitisation
• Our lab’s specialist restoration team safely clean & repair every reel that needs attention for free.

• We safely digitise your reels to truly amazing quality. Choose to enjoy them on memory stick, DVD, or online album.

• The same high-security courier returns your Memory Box with your safely preserved digital memories, as well as your old reels.


3. Enjoy your digital memories

Man enjoys his new digital recordings
• Now you can easily share and relive your memories on any digital device, such as smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV.
• Laugh and cry when you get to hear old times and old voices brought to life again.
• Feel secure knowing that your memories are safe forever. They will sound as good in a hundred years as they do on the day they’re digitised, ready to be passed down the generations.

Why digitising reel-to-reel is important

There is no better time than now to convert reel-to-reel to digital and CD.

Transferring your reel-to-reel tapes to digital and CD protects your cherished music and audio recordings that are buried in your dwindling tapes.

As well as freeing up plenty of storage space, you can rely on a format that will never degrade and won’t put your cherished memories at risk.

Converting reel-to-reel to digital and CD also allows you to revive your old audio by re-listening on your computer, laptop or your mobile, so you can take your memories with you wherever you go.

The best way to transfer reel-to-reel to digital

Converting reel-to-reel tapes to CD and digital individually is a long and convoluted process requiring a range of expensive equipment – and you probably have more enjoyable ways of spending your free time.

Not only does EachMoment use the highest resolution conversion equipment, far surpassing the low-quality conversions you get with expensive consumer-grade equipment, we will also clean your tapes beforehand to ensure they are restored for the best digital playback – if you own the means to play your original tapes.

Converting your reel-to-reel tapes to digital and CD and avoiding time taking its toll really is too easy to pass up. If you have any tapes or any old video, photo or audio formats that you’d like preserved on CD or digital which are accessible on your smartphone, TV and computer, we will collect them from your doorstep, convert them to digital and return them to you in one of our Memory Boxes, ready to be gifted or kept personally for years to come.

50-400ft reel-to-reel tapes

Why wait? The best time to convert your reel-to-reel is now

Once these steps are complete, your reel-to-reel tape is fully converted to digital and CD, giving your audio a new lease of life. It’s now time to relive your newly restored audio memories. Preserving your precious memories and gifting an EachMoment Memory Box to a friend or family member is an especially touching way to remind those closest to you how much you care about them. Whether it be a birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s or Father’s Day, the memories enclosed in an EachMoment Memory Box always make the most thoughtful gift.

A Brief History of Reel-to-Reel Tapes

Due to its extensive use in radio by the military during WWII, the development of the reel-to-reel recording format was intense throughout the 1940s and into the 1950s.

Jack Mullin, a member of the US Army investigated German radio, shipped two Magnetophon tape recorders to the US in the 1940s and began developing the format, hoping to convince Hollywood film studios to use magnetic tapes for movie soundtracks. Mulin’s work caught the attention of singer and actor Bing Crosby, who immediately saw the potential of reel-to-reel to pre-record his radio shows and was later developed for TV.

Crosby’s stardom immediately raised the profile of reel-to-reel which furthered its development. The reel-to-reel format sparked a revolution in audio and video entertainment; the use of magnetic tape in recording led to the development of compact cassettes by Phillips in 1962 and paved the way for early videotape recorders.

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